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In the midst of the fierce debate, the captains were split into three factions. The first faction insisted on retreating and letting the Milky Way Alliance send out a stronger fleet to handle the danger. Another faction hoped to immediately carry out the search and rescue operation in full force. The third was the neutral faction that did not want to take responsibility.


As expected by everyone, as soon as the battle began, the Zero Degrees battle team, which was made up of ice attributes, controlled the entire situation. Although it had not reached the extent of resonance, the ice abilities created a snow fall. The entire arena was turned into a frosty ice world. The Zero Degrees battle team went into full force. Ai Zhengyang also demonstrated his Earth-rank two super conquering power. This was the true meaning of learning while training in the Ice Cloud Alliance’s Million Load Ice Cave, and the five of them had different levels of understanding. However, due to the homogenization of the environment, they were able to control the environment, suppressing the power of the other attributes. Under the leadership of Ai Zhengyang, the rest would only need to unleash their power at the same time.


Xie Yuxin felt that everyone was demoralized, and he smiled wryly. This is not as serious you think it is. We still have a chance to leave, and there is more than one way, but the last option is our last resort.


Once Xi Lan finished his words, he swept his eyes around the faces of the representatives of the Alliance in the room. Not many words were required, yet everyone understood. Xi Lan had always advocated to undermine the power of the families. He hated the so-called big family, believing that the power of these families eroded and manipulated the regime. It was also undermining the power of the Alliance. The regime, under the control of the families, was more susceptible to war.


The Aslan people did not know how to imitate. Otherwise, they would have imported the mecha from Atlantis. This Holy Light series was custom-created for humans, and it greatly strengthened the changes of the human’s spiritual strengths and Ability Xs. Runic energy was very good stuff. The humans had already formed their own systems, so promoting themselves would be the best.


A fire raged uncontrollably in any who dared to call themselves a man. From ancient times, the matrimonial night and graduation were seen as the most glorious events in one’s life. That was nothing compared to what was dangled before their very eyes.

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Grouping was most crucial, especially at this stage. The Sea Queen battle team had obviously been labelled as the least popular opponent to meet.


Countless military schools everywhere in the Milky Way Alliance were in the midst of fanaticism right now. This was the real battle!


In the next moment, the flames of the Fighting Spirit rose to the sky. But a second later, the ice seal disappeared from the seemingly completely sealed and self-defeating Hercules. It seemed as if everything had been an illusion.


“Snow, this can’t be happening. Every one of you has shown vast improvements. What am I to do?” Zhang Shan’s faced was bitter. How could a breakthrough just happen without any warning? He dearly wanted to have a breakthrough.


Taking the brunt of the charge was Xie Yuxin, who was at the front. The others felt that the experienced Xie Yuxin was just in the correct position to fend off the first attack.


Just as they should have stayed low profile, Wang Zheng had called maximum attention to them.


Meng Tian and the others, who were exiled, did not manage to unite here, as the fleets internal division also had their differences. Ultimately, Meng Tian became a leader of strength, and amongst those who followed her, most were young warriors from the Milky Way Galaxy Military College. However, she did not have much strength, she was just reluctantly surviving.



The Frenzy mech suddenly advanced. The sudden advancement shocked everyone too. The ground cracked. The entire Frenzy mech was like a missile advancing forward. It was even more ferocious than the canon of the Overlord mech. The Heavenly King mech dodged.



Qiqin Nacchai’s body burned with waves of blood-red. His body energy became prodigious. That awesome life force mixed with killing power was the strongest seen so far.


Thirty-two Runic Matrices lit up in mid air. The azure blue color lit the sky. Thirty-two Rune Seismic Cannons were aimed at Wang Zheng.


The unfamiliar old leaders’, Arbiter and Aslan’s, battle. This would also be the first strong battle. Would Aragorn be able to uphold Arbiter’s name, or would the genius Di Maria be able to defend Aslan’s glory? From the looks of the current accomplishments and performances, the Soulless battle team seemed to hold a certain advantage.

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