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It was then that warnings started to sound. The power of Wang Zhengs Blazing Dragon was meant mainly to destroy the avatars. Dina Atlas did not pay much attention to the alerts. However, the marks made by the collision of the fire dragon and the power of the ice was this trajectory???


In the Asura battle team, Olivios had also prepared himself. This was the last time he and Mars would battle together. Olivios knew what his own problem was: he needed to be more strong. He had already found out which world Wang Zheng was in currently, and he was very clear on what his Ability X was. He did not expect that Wang Zheng’s physical technique to be nearly perfect. He was a mountain that had to be turned over, as the Heavenly Overlord Attack was about exceeding the strong to be even stronger.


In an instant, the Heavenly King Dragon Knight was smashed to pieces. The Heavenly King mech was hacked at the same time, and the energy shield was smashed into pieces. The arms of the Heavenly King mech reached out to meet the attack!


The battle became heated as soon as it started. Everyone had thought that this was a battle swayed towards one side and the unknown Zhou Yun would be hung up and beaten by Olivios, but in actuality, within five minutes of the battle, Zhou Yun was going up hard against Olivios, not falling behind at all.


All the generals present had their last hope extinguished. The moment Qiqin Nacchai attacked, they knew the difference. Wang Zheng was Earth 2 at best, and Qiqin Nacchai was a full tier above him. Of course, this was in terms of Ability X, but strong Ability X needed a strong body to withstand and respond. Qiqin Nacchai was also Lya Sphinx’s special ace team’s captain. His physical technique went without saying.


In the Arbiter military, from the common soldier to the strongest fighter, everyone understood one basic principle: there would definitely be enemies stronger than you. As you attacked, you could not defend. Which was why to survive, you had to have a resilient body and an indomitable spirit. This was at the heart of Arbiter strength, and the Iron and Steel College and the Warrior Soul College were the epitome of this.

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The moment the spear struck empty, Ouyang Chuanyun was in as much pain as if he had just vomited blood. At that instant, Achilles seemed to have disappeared


In the next moment, the flames of the Fighting Spirit rose to the sky. But a second later, the ice seal disappeared from the seemingly completely sealed and self-defeating Hercules. It seemed as if everything had been an illusion.


Everyone seemed to think too highly of themselves and underestimated their opponents.


Leader Satie was also a leader of Manalasuo’s younger generation, along with Jondi Lilick. 27 years old, and an Earth-rank warrior. To him, this SIG was a chance for him to overtake Jondi Lilick in influence. An international stage was the best way.


The radar scanning energy watch switched on and analysed the residue index. The Star Deer V6 explorer ship had stopped here ten hours ago. Then, as if jumping down the chasm of a cliff, its energy residue instantly disappeared.


In the cockpit, a military-grade injection had already been pierced into the neck. González had always had the means to bring it in. In fact, the organizing committee did not even consider this possibility. This injection was very rare, so nobody expected it to be used during SIG.


If my guess is right, this should be theUltimate Heavenly Fire, burning everything, commented Jondi Lilick with a bitter smile.



This was sufficient proof of the terrifying power of the Sacred Religion. It was amazing that an organization could do this. At the same time, this made Lear want this power even more. But for now, he could not be distracted by his opponents, he needed to get into the semi-finals first.



Laurel ordered her thoughts, and continued evenly, “Tarwo Federation is the most likely possibility. Elections in half a year, and their current president, Mogadi, seems to be a level-headed person. But the population polls for his successor are not looking good, and his support rate is at a new low.”


Ai Xiaolu knew that these were words that should not come out of her mouth. Hence, she could only tolerate. In actuality, most of the time, she herself would also be in disorder. It was just that she had a strong point, which was that she would completely focus on a short-term goal, and her short-term goal was to bring the Saruman Snake battle team to become SIG’s champion. This victory would be Wang Zheng’s as well as hers, which would be a way to realise her inner desires. To be honest, she did not approve of Snow Li entering battle. The year of the Dancing Ice Dragon was just the Hail Cloud Alliance’s people’s beautiful wish. In the Hail Cloud Alliance’s history, only one strong person had ever appeared, and it might just have been a coincidence.


When Huiyin was on the stage, there was no need for any complement. She was everything.

  • This was the level of power that the strongest warrior could control. It was known as Super Warrior.
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