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No one realized that the Mayans would not even have a chance to retaliate. But that was because Merte was confronted by a Light element Earth-rank warrior. He was absolutely a superior representative of the humans’ Earth-rank warrior at the SIG. He could restrain energy. Could the others do it as well?


Yan Xiaosu was not relaxed. His situation was even worse than expected. He was alone in a hotel behind closed doors. His Skylink had been flipped open and closed endlessly in his hand. He had thought it over again and again, and held back again and again.


Before arriving here, everyone was a warrior of the Milky Way Alliance. But things had changed. The environment could change a person. This was normal. Xie Yuxin did not seem to be surprised. Hence, he had made the decision.


As soon as the two opponents stood up, the Ghost Warrior attacked immediately. A professional soldier could adjust his situation more rapidly, and was effective at disrupting the rhythm of others.


Lear was clever, and he had calculated it well. Aslan was already pushing the limits here. If they ganked him, then Aslan was finished at this SIG.


However, the last words Hobb had said had touched the soft side of people’s hearts. Upon encountering danger in deep space, in an unfamiliar galaxy where human signal could not cover, the faster the rescue was carried out, the greater the possibility of survival. Every one of them was a warship captain, and no one could guarantee that they would not face any difficulties in the future. If they chose to avoid risk today, when their turn to get rescued came, others might choose to do the same.

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The effects of the energy blasts were slowly receding. Dina Atlas finally sighed a breath of relief. Mankind always seemed to have some amazing methods. However, those were only reactive responses. As long as he controlled the situation, Wang Zheng could only be the subject of suppression.


The Mayans’ performances had been unbreakable. The members’ use of light energy this time had been beyond the imaginable, raising Mayan civilisation to the same level as Atlantis. As for the Demonic Dragon battle team, for the Earthworm Federation to be able to enter top sixteen, their mission had been completed. The probability of the Mayans’ victory would be ninety percent.


At the same time in tens of other rooms, the other captains were undergoing the same tests as Wang Zheng.


Aina’s gaze locked on the screen. Her emotionless expression suddenly warmed.


This was the weakness of the energy light shield. It was unable to provide a hundred percent defence. This problem had certainly been raised by many people. But in general, the benefits of this energy shield outweighed the disadvantages.


Others may not understand, but how could Jondi Lilick not know that this was a short tactic, which was different from the wave-type. The wave-type also needed to retreat before attacking, but it only required a slight retreat, and it had a high safety factor. In a short tactic, if the power of the ricochet was weak, it would “explode” instantly!


“It was not just mental strength. Look at how Mars’ Heavenly Overlord Attack weakened after being enveloped by Luo Fei’s Ability X. His weakening ability had already started, which means that Luo Fei was eating the mental strength directly. There was no contact needed. I fear that it can also suppress fighting skills,” Lie Xin stated.



González wanted to avoid it, but he could not. His completely offensive countenance aside, he had been in full control of the initiative up till now. Most importantly, such a manner of attack was completely unprecedented. How could he have seen it coming?



The Dark Knight battle team’s captain, González, had a fickle mood. “Ghost King” González was not technically a student, which was why he had to be even more aggressive. Passive plays were not in the nature of the Darkness Empire. At the same time, the Darkness Empire people were even craftier than Arbiters. To risk fighting Lin Feng or Aragorn was needless, but this Wang Zheng seemed like a good target.


That small power of Wang Zheng was suppressed instantly. Time seemed to have slowed. It was completely useless. Fighting the power of nature with the insignificant power of man?


Di Maria did not want the Sword Shield Rose to fail. This was Aslan’s baseline. What he needed to do was to find ways to improve himself, catch up and surpass!

  • Lin Fengs other identity was the top master of the X Battle Standing. One of the top Earth-rank masters in the world right now and the only one who was under the age of forty among the top ten masters.
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